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Samurai Knight by Demsauce
Samurai Knight
Hooray, first piece of 2015.

Okay, so basically, with this drawing, I was trying to blend the themes of both a European knight (plated metal armor, cloaks covering the shoulders and legs, ornate shoulder armor) and a Japanese samurai (overlapping plates, larger, more loose-fitting pants and shirt under the armor, the obvious katana) into one warrior.

I like to pretend I succeeded on that front. Honestly, he looks more samurai than knight, but I guess that's not all bad. I should've added a shield or something. Whatever. Point is, I REALLY like how this one turned out. It was a lot of work, but I can honestly say I'm glad I put all of the effort into it.
Periphery - Lotus Wallpaper 2 by Demsauce
Periphery - Lotus Wallpaper 2
Decided to make another Periphery wallpaper with the lotus logo I have on my gallery (free to use for anyone to make their own wallpapers btw: link at the bottom of the description) - this time a little more Japanese than the last one.

I found a few free to use Japanese tiles and went a bit wild on this one - but honestly, I think it looks GREAT.

As always, it's 100% free to use for anyone who wants to download it - I have no problem with people using the wallpapers I create, otherwise I wouldn't upload them.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Lotus vector link: Periphery - Lotus Logo Vector
The Old Flame Knight by Demsauce
The Old Flame Knight
Been working on this for a few days now - finally got it done. If I must say it's probably the best piece of art I've made so far this year.

HEAVILY inspired by the Dark Souls games. I'm a huge fan of them now.

Drawn on standard sketchbook paper with black Bic ballpoint pen.
Periphery - Lotus Logo Vector by Demsauce
Periphery - Lotus Logo Vector
Decided to recreate the lotus logo for Periphery and make it a transparent .png file for any artists who would like to use it for their projects.

It's in white for this file, but you can recolor it yourself with any colorizing tool, assuming you know anything about any photo-editing program.
Sybreed Wallpaper - 2/2 by Demsauce
Sybreed Wallpaper - 2/2
To my dismay, Sybreed, one of my favorite bands of all time, just officially announced the fact that they are breaking up as a band earlier this week on their Facebook. This is huge for me, since I'm a big fan of their unique blend of metal. No other band really got close to the style Sybreed had. I mean, I know their singer left earlier last year, and they said they were gonna be on hiatus, and I know what that always means for a band, but it still hit me like a truck.

Since I found out, I've been working all week on a wallpaper that I could consider to be fitting to the impact that they made on me musically. I couldn't decide which way I preferred the wallpaper to look, so I'm uploading both versions. So this is version two, which, while not being much different from version one, is different enough to warp the way the entire image feels. The dual tone makes me prefer it to V1 right now, but that may change, and no doubt I'm going to continue tweaking the damned thing until I either make some penultimate wallpaper or go mad.

As always, anyone's free to download and use any wallpapers I create - I wouldn't put them online otherwise - and 1600x900 is the only resolution I do, being my computer's native resolution.

So long Sybreed; here's hoping the next band you boys start up will kick even half as much ass as the first.

Ad aeternum, gloria.


Tyler W.
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